Our Mission: Utilize the experience of working with the Fortune 500 for your Small-Medium sized Business

We strive to assist our clients make the right decisions for their business, whether it is to reconfigure existing systems, or augment them with newer technologies. We help our clients get the most out of their existing systems.  We help our clients ensure that new systems will meet their needs and maximize utilization.  We help take advantage of new technology when it makes sense. We work for results for our Client's benefit.  Using the experience we have, we tie all the aspects of the use of Technology into helping our customers work Smarter, not harder. We are in business to be your Technology Advisor.

Business Continuity Planning

What happens to your business if there is a fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, power failure, lightning strike, or other occurrence? We provide a complete analysis of Information processing, data storage, web services and communication systems.  Development of Backup procedures, Recovery procedures, Documentation, and Plan rehearsal. Take note: 4 out of 5 businesses affected by the WTC bombing are no longer in business.

Telecommunications Voice and Data design and analysis

When was the last time you optimized your network? Are there technologies available now that your business might benefit from? What place does Voice over IP have in your network? We offer full range of Design and Optimization services covering Voice Trunking, PBXs, ACDs, CPE, and Voice Mail.  Data services supported are Private Line, Frame Relay, ATM, and IP. We specialize in developing applications from scratch! Challenge us!

Vendor Management

Does your company want to concentrate on what it does best, and leave the headaches of managing equipment vendors and service providers to an expert?  Why not!  Outsource the management to us and we'll put our 20 years of experience to work for you.  And when something fails, we can also push carriers to fix your problems quickly, since we have the carrier service experience to know how to push the right buttons for you.

Technical Training

We offer technical training to augment your current staff’s capabilities in the following areas:

Basic Telecommunications, Voice Technologies, Data Networking, Class 3-4-5 Switching, Business Continuity Planning, Customer Premises Equipment, Voice over IP applications, PS/ALI setup and ongoing support, Desktop Security, Firewalls, PCI compliance, Mobile data (cellular) applications, Imaging, and CSR instruction.

Training formats include traditional classroom, Videoconference, Audio Bridge with moderator visuals, and Net Conference. Customized sessions can be arranged upon request.

HIPAA Compliance Audits and Certification

We offer process, network, security and compliance auditing for the healthcare industry.  We'll perform an analysis of all process affecting HIPAA compliance, give you a report citing areas of concern, and once all the details are covered, give you a certificate of compliance, just in case you are audited.  We've also worked with several Dental offices on electronic records conversion, as well as off-site backup secured solutions.

Data Recovery Design

How much would you lose if your hard drives failed? What is your liability? Let us help you figure out the best way to be prepared to protect your information. From Next Day recovery to Real Time recovery, the Risk vs. Cost analysis equation will be different for every enterprise. From Small Businesses to Large Corporations, Data Recovery Design is an absolute must!

Read our continuing series of articles on Business Continuity Planning and other related topics in the Articles section.

Process automation

What current business processes do you have that might be less costly or more effective, if they were Web Enabled?  Are you still using paper forms for job applications and postings, Insurance forms, State and Federal forms, or Policies and Procedures?  How much time does searching for a form waste?  A well-developed Intranet website can increase your human productivity.

Data Analysis

Our experience is quite extensive in terms of analyzing data.  From matching records to spreadsheet analysis, to export and data modeling, to extensive MS Access queries and reports, as well as Geo-coding,  we have the experience to do the same for you.  Our founder has been performing statistical analysis of data since before the first spreadsheet program was introduced!

Desktop PC Optimization

We've found that most users don't keep their pc software up to date, neglect to keep virus signature files current, clog the registry with junk files, or fail to do periodic maintenance on the file structure.  We offer drop-off or on-site optimization of Windows-based computers or Linux servers.  All of our customers have noticed a sharp increase in response time, and we typically can find some extra drive space as well.  We're familiar with all the common, and some not-so-common software applications, so let us do your next PC Tune-UP.  Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 certified.

Quick list of Services offered

Analysis of voice networks, voice mail, inbound call delivery
Business Process review (time and motion studies)
Desktop PC Optimization, security, virus protection, firewalls
Data Network design, security and optimization: LANs and WANs
Data recovery strategy, hot sites, cold sites, SANs, disk mirroring, etc.
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning
Database applications in Excel, MS Access, and SQL
Mobile Data applications on Blackberry, Android, IOS, and  WM7 platforms
Communications and Network technical training
Request For Proposal and Service Level Agreements
Project Management
Complete review of PBX system, ACD, IVR, and system security
MS Access database development, Client/Master relationships, Exchange support

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding how our services can assist you in your business endeavors, as well as potentially open new avenues for your services or products. Recently, I developed a process and infrastructure to create a new revenue stream of over $7 million a month for a company using only three people. Think about what we might be able to do for your business!

The technology world has exploded recently. It continues to change each day and will continue to do so for years into the future. Most business people simply do not have the time to analyze their changing technology  needs and alternatives. In addition, it is an impossible task for someone not trained in the field, to understand their most beneficial options as they change each day. Is IP telephony right for your business?  Let us help you decide. Some consultants only specialize in trying to save clients money. We specialize in finding the most beneficial networking arrangement for our clients, whether it involves cost savings or an augment to their current network or change in business process which would translate into increased productivity and functionality which would justify any additional investment.