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Professional PC Support when you need it, your place or ours in the Greater Memphis area.

On-Call Service: If your Windows-based PC is suffering from viruses, worms, spy-ware, ad-ware, or trojans, or problems in connecting peripheral equipment such as video components, program installation, data recovery, system upgrades and many Internet-related problems, or it just seems to be slowing down, let us help!  We offer on-site service to assist you with all those frustrating tasks of keeping your PC operating at its potential.  When it comes to networking, let us help you setup your Ethernet, Wireless, Direct-Connect or Remote Desktop access network.  Thinking of a file server?  How about the latest in open-source operating systems.......Linux.  We have the experience!

A recent TV commercial depicted an executive with a computer problem, and his assistant told him to call the "last guy who helped us".  He picked up the phone and called his son, Scotty. I've been called "Scotty" by a number of people (including my dad) with virus problems, connectivity issues,  problems dealing with images, scanners, digital cameras, operating systems, optimization issues, network viruses, hard drive crashes, system upgrades, data recovery and more.  Just because "it won't work", it doesn't mean it can't be fixed. If your machine is less than 4 years old, its likely worth it to repair instead of replace it.

Business Networks, Small Office, Home Networks, and stand alone PCs, any brand. Give us a call at Competitive Network Solutions, we've been working with PCs since the first one was introduced in 1985.  Also, check our self-help section for assistance if you think you want to give it a try on your own, but most of what we find are Windows Registry problems that we do not suggest the novice user try to solve.   Learn for yourself as we install, repair, and optimize YOUR systems or networks.

Click here for the Computer Doctor's Levels of Support for a prediction on what it may take to clean your system. 

Pick-Up and Delivery Service:  For one or two systems, we can work more effectively at CNS than in your home or small business.  We'll do the work at our office, and have one of our interns pickup your system (no mice, monitors, keyboards, or speakers please) and bring it back for repair.  Once completed, we'll have it delivered and reconnected, ready to use.  Pickup and Delivery fee is $45 (roundtrip service).  If you require a loaner workstation, we always have one on hand as a "hot stand-by". 

Normal intervals:

At CNS: Same day service available before 10am, next day after 10am.  For Pickup and Delivery systems, next day return is typical, if transportation arrangements don't pose any conflicts.  At Your Office, by appointment, and typically same day service if we can start by 10am.

Managed Workstation Service: If your business wants to eliminate the headache of managing a few machines, making sure updates, anti-virus, firewall, OS critical security patches, etc. are kept up to date, let us manage it for you.  For a $20 per month, we'll manage this for you on a monthly basis, on-site, every month.   While we're there, we'll take a look and let you know of anything your users may have installed that might pose a security risk.  Don't worry any more, let the professionals at Competitive Network Solutions, Inc. manage your network for you.  We'll clean, optimize, and fine-tune all your PCs, conduct a user training session on workstation security,  then come back every month to make sure everything is just right.  We'll also provide a loaner workstation in case of failure, no extra charge.  Take the worry our of managing your small business network, and let us manage the headache for you. For more information, click HERE.

We also offer personalized training, tailored to your needs, so that you'll stand a better chance of maintaining your optimized network and system once we leave.  While one of our professionals is on site each month, we can easily take care of IT-related tasks for you that you can't do for yourself.  We specialized this service for the small-medium sized business market, knowing that most companies either can't afford, or don't have the full-time need for an IT person on their own staff.  We provide "on call" services as an extension of your existing staff, so you can use us as much or as little as you need.

The "PC Doctor On Call" from Competitive Network Solutions is at 901-757-0379.  David Parker, President, was featured on WMC-TV5 on 1/31/04 as the "Computer Expert", answering questions about the recent outbreak of the MyDoom worm, and how to detect and prevent it on your system. He's revived, survived, cleaned, disinfected, protected, and inoculated hundreds of windows-based computers since we started this service.  Eliminate the guess-work, and headache of trying to deal with this today!  Enlist the support of a professional that's done the research (daily) on the most effective way to rid computers of sickness.

Other PC and Network Related Services:  While we're there, take advantage of our expertise in any or all of the following areas:

Hardware installation, Printer Sharing, Printer Networking, automated backup solutions (on-site or off-site), remote access capability (XP Remote Desktop or PC Anywhere, Vista Remote Assist), WIFI (secured) deployment, VoIP installation, redundant servers (Windows 2000/2003/Linux) Palm Application integration, drive shares, thin-client deployment, IP / Frame Relay / Private Line networking, and the list goes on and on.   Let our experts tailor a solution to your business needs. 901-757-0379 or sales

As of April 2008, we've been able to save 98% of customer's data and restore it to a clean operating system.  Within that 2%, 1.9% were failed hard drives where the drive was completely damaged.  Of the remaining 0.1%, the infection level of the customer's data was so severe that there wasn't a significant amount of  information that could be salvaged.  We recently successfully retrieved 14 years worth of a stock broker's ACT! data files from an IBM PS1 (made in 1988) and restored them to one of our Pentium series refurbished systems, as well as upgraded the ACT! data forward four versions without losing even a phone number!

Call us before your system gets this sick!!!

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