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I welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding how our services can assist you in your business endeavors, as well as potentially open new avenues for your services or products. Recently, I developed a process and infrastructure for a major carrier to create a new revenue stream of over $7 million a month. Think about what we might be able to do for your business.

The telecommunications world has exploded recently, in terms of technology, suppliers and marketing techniques. It continues to change each day and will continue to do so for years into the future. Most business people simply do not have the time to analyze their changing telecom needs and alternatives. In addition, it is an impossible task for someone not trained in the field, to understand their most beneficial options as they change each day.
Some consultants only specialize in trying to save clients money. We specialize in finding the most beneficial networking arrangement for our clients, whether it involves cost savings or an augment to their current network which would translate into increased productivity and functionality which would justify any additional investment.

David M. Parker
Competitive Network Solutions, Inc.
MCP, MCSA, MCTS, CCENT, CCNA and BCSA Certifications