CNS Carrier Management

Who can help your business when it comes to working with your service providers?   How about a 15 year veteran of a major carrier that has worked with all areas of a carrier's business to include Operations, Network Services, Network Construction, Special Assembly, Finance, Customer Care, Provisioning, Product Marketing, Product Development, Regulatory, and even Legal..

We've helped customers negotiate service credits for outages, credits for turned-down services, managed service conversions to minimize downtime, performed "vendor meets" to prove the problem belonged to the carrier (and then negotiated our fee as a service credit).  Face it, carriers are not the easiest to work with, and in the past couple of years, they've become even worse to work with.  That's where we can help!  

Contract, Service Level, and Rate Negotiations
Troubleshooting difficult or intermittant service issues
Credit negotiations for service outages
Vendor Meet support (we're 100% for proving the carrier at fault)
Service Conversion Project Management

Your Chief Technology Officer is on Call and ready to help.

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